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What are the components of a small home wind generator for a single household?

Dec 26, 2017

With the increasing demand for energy in today's society, the environmental protection issue has become more and more important. Clean energy has been greatly welcomed. Wind power generation has become one of the main forms of power generation. At present, there are many large wind farms in China, and for the convenience of People's Daily life, small household wind turbines will also be favored.

The main development, development and demonstration of small household wind turbines can be used by one household to meet the needs of electricity and become one of the measures to realize electrification in rural areas. There are two main types of small household wind turbines. One type is the rudder type. It is characterized by simple structure, small size, convenient installation and use, low cost and high efficiency. There is also a kind of untail-rudder type, which has the advantage of small wind shear.

Basic have small home wind turbines in wind turbines, generators, adjustable speed limit to, tower, security agencies energy storage device and inverter and other components, including generators consist of the nose, swivel, tail, leaf. The blades are used to accept the wind and turn the machine head into electric energy. The tail leaves the blade always in the direction of the wind to get the maximum wind; The rotation can rotate the head flexibly to realize the work of the tail adjustment direction; The rotor of the head is the permanent magnet, and the stator winding cutting the magnetic power line generates electricity.

Since each part can play a crucial role in small household wind turbines, even if the structure of the device is compact, it can't be short of any one component. In installation, the small domestic wind generators should be erected high and away from obstacles in order to get large wind speed.

In the meantime, consider the soil quality of the installation of small household wind turbines, and try not to choose the site where the soft sand, uneven ground, and the climate change can be easily affected. Generally, the distance between the motor part of the device and the battery pack should be taken into account. The shorter the distance, the shorter the transmission cable will be used, thus the less energy consumed in the transmission process.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/