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What are the characteristics of vertical wind turbine?

Nov 27, 2017

Compared with other types of wind turbine, the vertical wind turbine has many notable features, including its performance, configuration and application scope, etc. Let's take a look at the advantages of vertical wind turbines.

Is because of vertical wind turbine adopt vertical blades and triangular double protection design, and the main points focused on wheels, so the leaf falls off, problems such as fracture and blade fly out to get a better solution, the security guarantee in the process of unit operation. It is also designed to make vertical wind turbines less windy and withstand a super typhoon of 45 meters per second.

Secondly, the design of vertical wind turbine used in horizontal plane rotation and blade application principle, the airplane wings will help reduce noise to the point of measurement is less than in a natural environment, makes the equipment present a very significant effect of mute.

Under the precondition of different design structure and operation principle, the vertical wind turbine has a smaller radius of gyration than other forms of wind power, saving space and improving efficiency. In the actual application, its starting wind speed is lower than other forms of wind turbine, so the increase of power generation is relatively gentle, and also has a large amount of power generation.

Is specially designed for vertical wind turbine control principle of the special, make it suitable for operating wind speed range and expand to 2.5 ~ 25 m/s, can realize in the wind of make the best use of resources at the same time even more electricity supply, improve the economic benefit of the wind power equipment use.

Even vertical wind turbine braking device is very unique, configurable mechanical manual and electronic automatic brake two, in the absence of typhoon and strong wind region, only set up the hand brake. Because the unit is used for direct drive permanent magnet generator, no gearbox and steering mechanism are required, so you can check it regularly.