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What are the characteristics and advantages of permanent magnet small wind turbines

Aug 15, 2018

The traditional small wind turbine uses an excitation generator, but there are many drawbacks in the actual application process, so it is replaced by a permanent magnet generator. The permanent magnet small wind turbine not only eliminates the excitation winding, carbon brush and slip ring structure of the excitation generator, but the structure of the whole machine is simple, and the excitation winding is easy to burn, disconnection, carbon brush and slip ring structure, and Reliability is greatly improved.


In the permanent magnet small wind turbine, the permanent magnet rotor structure is adopted, which can be a compact arrangement of the internal structure of the generator, and the volume and weight are greatly reduced. At the same time, because of the simplification of the permanent magnet rotor structure, the rotor moment of inertia is reduced, the practical speed is increased, and the specific power of the wind turbine reaches a very high value.


It turns out that at the same power level, the permanent magnet small wind turbine is twice as high as the excitation generator when idling. That is to say, the actual generator of the same power level of the permanent magnet generator shows that its medium and low speed power generation performance is good.