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What are the advantages of residential vertical wind turbines?

Apr 07, 2019

The blades of residential vertical wind turbines are more stressed than the horizontal axis during the rotation process. Because the inertial force and the direction of gravity are always the same, they are subjected to a constant load, so the fatigue life is higher than the horizontal The shaft wind wheel is long. At the same time, the residential vertical wind turbine can be placed in the lower part of the wind wheel or on the ground for easy installation and maintenance.

 Residential vertical wind turbines can utilize wind from all directions without the need for wind yaw devices. It has the advantage of “small wind cuts”, so the noise is low and can be used wherever there is a need. Adopting automatic paddle technology, the installation angle always maintains the best windward angle, the maximum thrust is generated, the power generation efficiency is improved, and the structure is simple and the cost is low.

 Residential vertical wind turbines use magnetic levitation technology, no mechanical friction, low starting wind speed, 2m/s to generate electricity, and high wind energy utilization efficiency in a wide power state. No need for pitching and stall control, automatic pitching with wind speed, automatic stall when the wind speed is greater than 25 m / s, the speed is no longer increased, and the cut wind speed can reach 30 m / s. The blades are not subjected to the positive pressure of the wind and the weight is greatly reduced. The blades of different powers can be combined to adapt to the wind resources of the wind field.www.titanwindturbine.com