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What are the advanced devices for small wind turbines?

Sep 10, 2018

The small-scale wind turbines produced in China are divided into 10 according to the rated power. Their technical features include 2-3 blades, side-by-side speed regulation, upwind direction, and the high-efficiency permanent magnet low-speed generator, which is also equipped with tail fin, vertical bar, base, ground anchor and pull line. Therefore, the whole set of small wind generator runs smoothly and reliably with a designed service life of 15 years. 


The maximum power coefficient of wind turbine of small wind generator has been raised from 0.30 in the initial stage to 0.38-0.42, and the starting wind speed is low. Blade materials have also diversified, such as wood, iron, aluminum alloy, FRP composite and all-nylon. The rotor adopts fixed pitch and variable pitch. 


The direction - adjusting device of small wind generator is mostly upward wind direction. The speed regulating device adopts the tilting speed regulating device of the wind wheel offset and the taiping shaft of the tail fin, the variable pitch speed regulating mechanism or the uplift speed regulating device of the wind wheel. The more powerful units are also equipped with manual brake mechanisms to ensure the safety of wind turbines in the event of high winds or typhoons. 


In addition to the function of converting the direct current of the battery into ac, the inverter controller of the small wind generator also has the functions of protecting the battery from overcharge, overdischarge, alternating current unloading, overload and short circuit protection, so as to extend the service life of the battery. The price of the unit is low and suitable for low speed application in China.