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Vertical wind turbines are ahead of other generators

Feb 15, 2019

Compared with other types of wind turbines, vertical wind generator sets have no need of wind and no yaw power loss. The blade design is simple and can be independently designed. Engine room and gear box can be placed under the wind wheel or on the ground, the maintenance cost is lower; The vertical axis wind turbine noise is smaller than the horizontal axis, noise pollution reduction.


In addition, the laboratory study shows that the wind energy utilization coefficient of vertical wind turbine is not lower than the horizontal axis. The vertical shaft wind turbine does not need the windward adjustment system. It can accept the wind from any direction in the 360-degree direction. The main shaft always rotates in the design direction.


The two ends of the blades of a vertical wind turbine are fixed with the shaft, and its shape is not guaranteed by the stiffness of the blades. The blade is flexible and there is no bending moment stress after the rotating shaft rotates. Blade only tensile stress, less material, long life, not easy to break. Therefore, blade performance is the main factor causing high cost of wind motor, is also the main factor causing failure and high maintenance costs, we want to reduce the cost of wind motor, improve the efficiency of power generation must improve blade performance.


Vertical wind generator generator, gear box on the bottom, low center of gravity, stability, easy maintenance. The low tower reduces the cost. In general, the vertical axis wind power generation system has good mechanical performance, simple structure, low cost and competitive advantages. Therefore, vertical wind turbine is the development direction of wind power in the future.www.titanwindturbine.com