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Vertical wind turbine wiring and use requirements

Dec 11, 2018

During the application of vertical wind turbines, inspections should be carried out regularly. If the motor is found to be abnormal, jittery, or has abnormal sound, it should be stopped for inspection. When the fan rotates at high speed, the wind wheel rotates in the plane direction. Do not stand and perform other work to prevent the blade from flying out and hurting people.


The battery in the vertical wind turbine should be kept dry and clean, and no metal objects should be placed on the battery pack to prevent the battery from being short-circuited. Do not place the negative pole of the electrical box and the single-purpose inverter together to avoid short circuit. The tensioner of the cable will automatically loosen after the strong wind. After the adjustment, the wire can be locked. After each strong wind, check whether the cable is loose. If it is loose, remove it in time.


Vertical wind turbines should be wired separately and should not be mixed with other lines. It is recommended to use DC power for lighting, and household appliances can use the AC power output from the inverter. When wiring the electrical box, first connect the battery and then connect the generator output line. When disassembling, first decompose the generator output line and then disconnect the battery pack.


The shutdown switch of the vertical wind turbine electrical box is usually in the power-on position, when the battery is fully charged or in the defense against severe disasters, it is used for temporary shutdown. Only the wind turbine is slowly running to the shutdown position, and it is not allowed to rotate at high speed. Switch. It is also important to remember that vertical wind turbines must not be operated at no load to prevent high speed rotation from damaging the blades.www.titanwindturbine.com