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Vertical wind turbine itself and its blade structure

Mar 12, 2018

Vertical wind turbine is a kind of power generation equipment that is more common at present. It mainly consists of two parts of the fan body and the outer blade, no matter it is the cylinder or the blade, has a unique structural design, which is also a vertical wind power generation Machine with simple operation, low production costs, the advantages of a wide range of reasons.


Vertical wind turbine structure can be observed to generate electricity, the two ends of its outer blade are fixed to the upper and lower ends of the fan body; and the body is composed of a rotating shaft, an inner blade, the inner blade is sleeved on the rotating shaft , The top end of the outer shaft is fixed on the shaft, the end of the outer shaft is fixed with a generator set.


Each wind turbine blade of a vertical wind turbine consists of three single blades, which hold the three single blades together. The single fan blade is composed of a metal frame and a bucket-shaped fan blade. The wind blade is installed on the blade opening of the bucket-shaped fan blade. The metal frame is formed by connecting two vertices of an obtuse-angle triangle parallel to each other through vertical reinforcing rods.


It can be seen that the structure of the vertical wind power generator is simple and easy to operate, has a stable combination structure and a better combination strength, can effectively prevent the situation caused by external force or vibration from being loosened, and can always maintain a stable working state to complete the wind power The use of.


Vertical wind turbines can adapt to large winds or small winds and have high efficiency of wind power conversion. It can simplify the assembling process, facilitate the processing operations and effectively reduce the production cost, so the use of vertical wind turbines in particular occasions is quite good , To meet the demand for electricity.http://www.titanwindturbine.com