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Vertical wind turbine is improved to full suspension structure and unique blade.

May 25, 2018

In practice, it can be found that the traditional vertical wind generator is not perfect, such as the disturbance of its center shaft, and the force of its rotating shaft is not good. In order to solve this problem, the original vertical wind generator was improved, and a vertical full-suspension structure wind generator was developed.

This new type of vertical wind turbines including pneumatic device and power generation device, specific have suspended column, suspension beam, the whole suspension bearing, center pillar and the center pillar sets of parts. Through the full suspension design, change the existing vertical wind turbine tower design to zhong hanging type design, the weight of the whole pneumatic device, all segments in the center of the suspension roof and pillar set back on the cap.

And vertical wind generator set on the center column set below bearing only center location and role, greatly improving the overall rotation of pneumatic device and the carrying capacity of the wind turbine, solved the vertical tower fan, the center of the vertical deflection design problems can effectively reduce or change the vertical force of the axis of rotation.

Through this technical change, it may be dozens of meters and higher vertical wind turbines, and the structure of the equipment will be more simple, convenient installation and maintenance, and greatly reduces the manufacturing and maintenance costs. Besides the change of the overall structure of the vertical wind turbine, the design of its blades has been optimized.

Each layer of the vertical wind turbine is composed of three single wind leaves, which are composed of a metal frame and a bucket-shaped wind blade, and are fixed together by a fixed frame. In this type of wind on the foliage with wind deflector, metal framework are two parallel obtuse triangle vertex through vertical steel bar connection, and will be obtuse triangle fixed on the metal frame of two levels of obtuse triangle frame.

In addition, the two sides through vertical wind turbine blade torsion spring hinge near the metal framework obtuse triangle acute vertex on the edge of the vertical axis, near the metal framework of obtuse triangle apex obtuse Angle on the vertical axis is equipped with hinges. When the single wind blade is at the top of the wind, the wind force of the two side plates is greater than that of the spring, and the two sides of the side plate are rotated and the side plate is knocked to the front damping spring and then stops.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/