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Vertical wind turbine full application of marine energy

Mar 09, 2018

When it comes to wind turbines, it is usually the impression that we have three wing-like blades on a tall tower. However, from the point of view of energy use and power generation efficiency, vertical wind turbines will be more conducive to wind energy Use, in addition to open land applications, it can even be used at sea.


In the context of coping with climate change and ensuring the security of energy supply, the oceans play an important role in the development of new energy sources. Although the cost of installing wind turbines on land is relatively low, they are often exposed to noise, land occupation and landscape protection Residents boycott. The global offshore wind energy resources are far greater than on land, and there is no residents opposition, offshore offshore wind turbine will be an important direction for the future development of wind energy.


The traditional wind turbine is a horizontal design, that is, the axis of rotation of the wind turbine is parallel to the wind direction. The vertical axis of the wind turbine is perpendicular to the ground and the direction of the wind. Applying this to the ocean has positive effects on the entire energy and human life significance.


Traditional offshore wind turbines can only be installed on shallow coasts along the coast with a depth of no more than 50 meters. There are also many requirements on the geology and landform of the seabed, which greatly limits the choice of the offshore wind farm construction area. In addition, the traditional offshore wind power needs to be installed one by one by special large-scale engineering ships. The cost is high, the construction period is long, and the large-scale promotion is difficult. For this purpose specially designed floatable offshore vertical wind turbine.


The offshore vertical wind turbine's floating platform carries two turbo-generators, rotating their two rotating shafts in opposite directions for a total of 5 MW. Not only greatly simplifies the installation process, saving time and money; In addition, this fan does not need to be adjusted according to the wind direction, to help simplify design and reduce maintenance costs.http://www.titanwindturbine.com