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Vertical axis wind turbines compared to other similar equipment advantages

Jun 26, 2017

In today's increasingly scarce energy, wind energy as a clean renewable energy, will play a significant role, such as the emergence of wind turbines, is one of the rational application of wind energy performance. Commonly used wind turbines are horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical shaft wind generators, which can be compared.

For the time being, the use of more or horizontal axis wind turbines, but with the people on the vertical axis of the wind turbine to understand the depth of its advantages will become increasingly evident. The fact is the same, with the progress of the theory, the actual wind field verification and the trend of large-scale development of the fan, vertical shaft wind turbine advantage gradually emerged.

Vertical shaft wind driven generator generally only turn a dozen turn when you can generate electricity, and in about two hundred turn when you can achieve the rated speed of the equipment, so the operation is no noise generated, relative to other forms Of the generator, to avoid the noise pollution.


And the vertical shaft wind driven generator application range is very wide, from 1-28 m / s wind speed range can be used, greatly improving the wind energy and equipment utilization. With the low speed, no oil and other characteristics, vertical axis wind turbine in the operation will not cause damage to birds and other, there will be no oil leakage occurred, effectively avoiding the pollution of the environment.

Vertical axis wind turbines can withstand 50 m / s super typhoon in a short period of time, which is far more than the horizontal axis of wind turbines, indicating that its strong anti-strong wind capacity. Because the design radius of the equipment design is relatively small, so it can save land when building.

In addition, easy maintenance: is also one of the important features of vertical axis wind turbines over horizontal axis wind turbines. It is because some of the ancillary facilities of the vertical axis wind turbine can be placed on the ground, it is very easy to maintain; at the same time without any wind equipment, cost savings.