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Vertical axis wind turbine power generation, transmission and implementation of three parts of the design

Sep 04, 2017

Vertical axis wind turbine is a low-speed wind turbine in a kind, it can effectively convert the wind energy into mechanical energy, and then from the mechanical energy to electrical energy to meet all aspects of electricity required. That is, the vertical axis wind turbine uses wind power to generate electricity and stores the resulting electrical energy in the battery.

This wind turbine to permanent magnetic suspension technology as the core, to achieve a low wind speed conditions in the normal start and normal operation, but also improve the wind power efficiency. According to the principle of vertical wind turbine, the speed of the wind turbine increases faster, and its power generation rate increases faster and the power generation curve is relatively full. 

The whole vertical axis wind turbine is composed of the prime mover section, the transmission part and the executing part. In the prime mover section, when the wind reaches a certain degree, the blade is rotated so that the blade shaft rotates at the center axis of the blade shaft, The center of the vertical axis for the revolution, on the other hand through the gear drive to achieve their own rotation.


In addition, the vertical axis wind turbine through the gear ratio design gears to achieve the center of the vertical axis of 360 °, the blade reverse rotation 180 °, so that the resistance of the generator blades to minimize the resistance, and thus achieve the highest wind energy utilization. 

From its transmission part of the point of view, first by the wind blowing vertical axis wind turbine blades, and then the blade drive center sleeve; sleeve inside the root iron rod, iron bar has a fixed bevel gear, with its engagement The other bevel gear will revolve around the gear. At this time, the speed of the bevel gear and the sleeve rotation speed is equal. 

And then through the shaft connecting the bevel gear and drive the blade shaft on the bevel gear rotation, to achieve the rotation of the blade; sleeve will also be installed at the bottom of the outer ring gear, the outer ring gear with the central vertical axis rotation, driven iron plate on the acceleration gear , Followed by a vertical axis wind turbine connected. 

The implementation of the vertical axis of the wind turbine, in fact, is the use of the output of the DC power supply to the electrical equipment, making the wind energy into the full use of electricity.