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Vertical axis wind turbine family use airfoil adjustment

Feb 06, 2018

Vertical axis wind turbine family used a lot of models, it can change the airfoil to improve operational performance, but their airfoil adjustment methods are also different. Changing the angle of the blade to the angle specified by the program will allow the generator set to operate over a wide range of wind speeds.


Vertical axis wind turbine home use cam push rod or eccentric adjustment blade angle of attack, in the blade length direction of the blade shaft, the blade through the blade shaft mounted on the blade support of the rotor, a connecting rod to pull the blade rotation, connecting rod subject Cam or eccentric control, but also equipped with a wind device so that the cam by the wind direction control, the cam is set according to the control law to design, so that the leaves run to a different location to a predetermined angle.


It is also possible to control the vertical axis wind turbine's angle of use of the blades by wind and stoppers. The advantage is that the wind turbine can be self-starting, and can work at low wind speeds up to high wind speeds. The structural aspects Relatively simple, the least sports, processing, installation and maintenance easy.


Or use the wind and centrifugal block control vertical axis wind turbine blade angle of the family to use to reduce the swing angle of the blade when the speed increases, can be adapted to a wide range of wind speeds, to a higher tip speed ratio, but from The structural point of view is complex, high requirements on the machining of the slider, sealing lubrication more trouble.


In addition, the vertical axis wind turbine family can use the wind and centrifugal block control blade angle, this control method than the advantages of the above method is continuous control pendulum, there is no downwind range, is conducive to further improve Wind turbine operating efficiency.