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Vertical axis wind turbine blade Angle control method

Jul 31, 2018

In order to improve the performance of household vertical wind turbines, the Angle of blades is sometimes controlled by wind force and centrifugal baffle, so as to achieve the corresponding purpose. For example, when the rotating speed is increased, the swing Angle of the blade is reduced, which can adapt to a wide range of wind speed and run to a higher tip speed ratio.

For domestic vertical axis wind turbines, it can start by itself. When the rated speed is not reached, for example, the tip speed ratio at 2 will also have power output. When the rated speed is reached, the blade will not oscillate and can run to a higher tip speed ratio.

Another way to control the swing Angle is to use the centrifugal slider. There is a centrifugal slider with a baffle wheel on the wind wheel bracket. When the wind wheel rotates, the slider is driven by centrifugal force to tighten the blade, while the wind pushes the blade to swing. The swinging blade pushes the slider to the inner side of the bracket, and the blade will be placed at the balance between wind force and centrifugal force. When the wind wheel rotates, the retaining wheel of the sliding block is always close to the blade. The effect of the sliding block on the blade is continuous, and the blade oscillation is continuous, eliminating the range of downwind oscillation.

With the help of this method, the household vertical axis wind generator can continuously control the pendulum without a downwind swing interval, which is conducive to further improving the operating efficiency of the wind turbine. And without the impact, reduce the noise, can provide a more comfortable environment for the family.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/