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Vertical axis wind turbine and its gearbox features

Jun 06, 2019

For vertical axis wind turbines, any wind direction wind can drive the fan; low noise, small size can enter the residential area; low speed start and high generator efficiency; can solve the problem of terrain wind, suitable for installation in high buildings and urban areas The structure is simple and safe.


The gearbox of the vertical axis wind power generator comprises a driving shaft, a driving shaft and a driven shaft. The driving shaft is driven to rotate by a fan blade. The transmission shaft is provided with a transmission gear and two transmission gears from top to bottom, and a driving gear on the driving shaft and a driving gear. The transmission gear speed increasing transmission meshes, the second transmission gear meshes with the driven gear increasing speed transmission on the driven shaft, and the driving bevel gear at the lower end of the driven shaft simultaneously meshes with the three driven bevel gear increasing speed transmission, the driven bevel gear The bevel gear shafts are respectively connected to the main shaft of a generator through a clutch mechanism.


Such a gearbox can make the vertical axis wind turbine realize a drag, freely tow, and can start at a low wind speed, and can select different numbers of generators according to different wind speeds to improve the efficiency of wind energy utilization. In addition, when one of them When the generator is faulty, the remaining generators can be used normally, and the entire generator set is not required to be shut down for maintenance, thus ensuring the continuity of power generation. www.titanwindturbine.com