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Upgrading and Optimization of Blade Manufacturing Technology for Vertical Shaft Wind Turbine

Sep 20, 2017

The blade is the main component of the vertical wind turbine to convert the wind energy into electrical energy, which directly affects the performance of the whole system. Most of the products are used as composite blades because it has long-term use in outdoor natural environment and the weather resistance to ensure the stability of the vertical axis of wind turbine work.

Since the application of composite blade vertical axis wind turbine operation has been offered a good foundation, the nature also cannot ignore the blades design and manufacture of quality level, it also is regarded as the key technology of wind power generation system.

If you want to make composite blade in the past, usually by hand lay-up process, its characteristic is manually operation, open mould, so the production efficiency and resin curing degree is low, the key is also certain environmental pollution problems. Obviously, such blades do not meet the requirements of vertical axis wind turbines.

As a result, the vertical axis wind turbines in the use of high-quality composite blades, are made with polyurethane reaction injection molding, resin transfer molding molding, winding and presoak material or the hot-pressing process of light-panel. By comparison, the polyurethane reaction injection molding process investment is larger, suitable for mass production of small and medium size, and the resin transfer molding molding process is suitable for small and medium size medium batch production of the blade; The winding and preloading/hot pressing process is suitable for mass production of large blades.

So-called resin transfer molding forming, is the first in the cavity laying good according to the requirements of performance and structure design of reinforced material preform, then injecting special low viscosity resin with injection equipment system closed cavity; Because the mould has peripheral seal and fastening and injection and exhaust system, it can ensure smooth flow of resin. In addition, the mould has a heating system, which makes the blade take shape smoothly.

Using such technology to produce the vertical axis wind turbine blade is not only the size and shape accuracy is very high, and the environmental pollution is small, so it is also a composite molding process in line with international environmental requirements. Compared with the hand paste process, it not only saves the various kinds of equipment for bonding process, but also saves working time, improves production efficiency and reduces production cost.