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Universal wind wheel and engine room layout in vertical wind generator

Jul 14, 2018

Vertical wind generator is mainly composed of vertical shaft, generator, universal wind wheel and so on. It was observed that the cross section of the single blade of the universal wind wheel in the vertical wind generator was in the shape of "C", and was connected with the vertical axis along the axial spiral.

At the same time, the vertical wind turbine universal wind wheel in a single blade of the internal side of the installation of a wind baffle, it can be supported by a support; It can also be supported without support, but with the following support points. As the vertical wind turbine universal wind wheel projection contour can be cylindrical or tapered or lumbar drum shape, so it can meet the needs of scenic spots, road lighting and remote areas.

In addition to the vertical wind turbine, its engine room design is very unique, including the main body of the engine room and two major structural parts of the engine room cover. The engine room cover is a shell structure with an open skylight on the top. The hood is fixed on the upper end of the main body of the engine room.

The main body of the engine room of vertical wind generator is an inverted cone shell with two layers on the inside. A lower inlet hole is arranged on the left side below the front end face and an axle hole is arranged on the right side of the lower inlet hole. Such a design not only has strong load bearing capacity and good load transfer effect, but also has simple structure, convenient manufacture and convenient transportation, which is also conducive to batch production with a novel and unique appearance.