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Unique structure and characteristics of residential vertical wind turbines

May 01, 2019

Traditional wind turbines use wind turbines to convert wind energy into mechanical energy, which in turn converts the mechanical energy of the wind turbine into electrical energy. The wind turbine of the traditional wind turbine can only receive the wind in one direction. The wind blade on one side of the wind wheel is subjected to the wind while the wind force on the other side is also affected by the wind, which causes the wind wheel to not use the wind power efficiently, and the wind energy utilization rate low. In order to overcome this deficiency, a vertical wind turbine generator with simple structure, reliable use and high utilization of wind energy is provided.


The residential vertical wind power generator comprises a generator and a wind wheel, the rotor of the generator is connected with the wind wheel, the wind wheel comprises a runner and a plurality of blades, the rotor is connected with the rotor of the generator, and one side of the blade is The wheel can be rotated. Among them, one side of the fan blade is set to the windward side. The other side of the blade is set as the unloading surface.


The vertical wind turbine blades of the house are arranged in an arc shape, and a positioning member for restricting excessive rotation of the blades is further provided, and the positioning member is disposed on the runner. The generator is set to a hydraulic generator. Among them, a plurality of blades are evenly arranged along the outer casing of the runner. The unloading surface of the fan blade disposed on the other side of the runner is folded along the wind direction and recovered to the runner to minimize the windage, ensuring that the windward surface is forced to drive the maximum speed of the runner, thereby efficiently utilizing wind power generation and having a structure. Simple, reliable, and high wind energy utilization.www.titanwindturbine.com