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Unique advantages of a dedicated 500 w small wind turbine

May 22, 2019

The special 500 w small wind turbine is equipped with imported -40 degree low temperature resistant bearings. It is suitable for use in alpine regions and has a longer service life. The fuselage is made of primary aluminum, contains no impurities, and has higher hardness. The whole machine uses 304 stainless steel screws. Rusting and breaking, improving the durability and longevity of the machine.


500 w small wind turbine blade and wheel design, inlaid connection, the two can be tightly connected without the help of screws, the blades will not fly off, effectively ensuring safety. At the same time, there are nylon fiberglass composite high-strength blades, anti-UV UV aging, and a longer life. It is stronger than ordinary ABS blades, and there is no blade breakage and personal injury. Overall blade reinforcement and thickness design, high density strength injection, blade wind resistance is stronger, reducing noise.


The 500 w small wind turbine has got rid of the circular motor design, and the innovation adopts a unique square design. The appearance of the whole machine is more in line with the modern industrial design concept. There is no exposed screw connection position, which affects the appearance. Abandoning the traditional simple screw connection, the motor and the main body are embedded, so that the overall force of the motor and the blade are evenly distributed on the round mosaic surface of the fuselage to improve safety and beauty. .


The built-in mode of the yaw bushing of the 500 w small wind turbine makes the yaw and the main body increase the upper and lower connection contact parts, and the force is more evenly distributed, and the whole machine is safer and more beautiful. The use of novel high-quality aerospace industrial-grade color galvanizing technology has a longer anti-oxidation time, and is more suitable for highways with high sulfur, nitrogen and carbon, heavy mountain waters and heavy fog, and heavy salt spray in the seaside.www.titanwindturbine.com