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Two different design methods for a 200 w wind turbine shaft

Jun 13, 2018

200 w power generation of wind turbine power, although is not big, but it is also the wind turbines, generators, solid of revolution, speed regulating mechanism, to institutions, brake mechanism and tower components; But two different types of 200 w wind turbines can be created by changing the way their shafts are designed.

Products can be divided into horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis 200 w, 200 w wind turbines, the former blade design momentum - evvh theory is widely accepted, but if just rely on evvh theory is absolutely no way to get accurate results. The latter blade is also designed with the help of the theory of the leaf element, but the flow of the vertical axis wind turbine is more complicated than that of the horizontal axis.

The wind energy utilization rate of horizontal axis 200 w wind turbines is mostly calculated by the blade designer, generally over 40%, but the measured utilization rate is between 23% and 29%. According to the wind tunnel test of the horizontal axis 200 w wind turbine, the starting wind speed is generally between 4 and 5m/s, with the maximum reaching 5.9m/s.

As long as the airfoil and installation Angle of choosing appropriate, vertical axis wind turbine of 200 w starting performance is good, through the corresponding wind tunnel experiment, the vertical axis wind generator starting wind speed of 200 w need 2 m/s, is superior to the above the horizontal axis of vertical axis wind turbine of 200 w.

Horizontal axis wind power 200 w pattern in the blade in the process of rotating a week, by the comprehensive effect of inertia force and gravity, the direction of the inertial force is always changing, and the direction of the gravitational constant, this blade is a cyclic loading. In addition, the horizontal axis vertical axis 200 w wind turbines are all located at a height of several tens of meters, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the generators.

And vertical axis wind generator rotor blade of 200 w in the process of spinning force better than horizontal axis, due to the direction of the force of inertia and gravity constant, is of constant load, so the fatigue life than horizontal axis wind turbines. At the same time, the vertical shaft generator can be placed under the wind wheel or on the ground for easy installation and maintenance. http://www.titanwindturbine.com/