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Tuning tips for the blade Angle of the best small wind turbine.

Apr 19, 2018

As the best small wind generator, it also needs to adjust the Angle of the blade before use, and one of the more ways to use it is to obtain the current wind speed first. Then the optimal Angle of the wind turbine blades corresponding to the current wind speed is found in the corresponding relational table. Of course, the prerequisite is to store the optimal Angle of wind turbine blades with measured wind speed corresponding to different wind speeds.

Due to the different wind speed corresponding to the best of small wind turbine blade is measured as a result, the optimal Angle and through the simulation program in existing technology for wind turbine blade Angle is just in the results of the theoretical derivation in the simulation environment, cannot satisfy the actual need, therefore, to solve the technology of wind turbine blades to adjust to the problem of optimal Angle, improve the efficiency of power generation.

Best small wind turbines is according to the design of fan blade Angle of rated power, rated wind speed of wind turbine and local factors such as the density of the wind, as long as know that the wind turbine impeller diameter size, it can be calculated in the swept area, thus further concluded that per unit time through the area of the quality of the wind.

On this basis, according to the kinetic energy theorem to calculate the wind power density, then there is a wind power coefficient, namely wind turbines can capture the wind from Ek percentage of all wind, finally the formula to calculate the best small wind turbines according to the theory of power.

But before the design best small wind turbines of wind field is necessary for wind speed and air density for long-term observation design wind speed and air density, using this way, can the small wind turbines need to figure out the best theory of impeller diameter.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/