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To realize the technical requirement of vertical wind turbine.

Apr 10, 2018

With the upgrading and upgrading of the manufacturing level of vertical wind turbine in China and the rapid development of power electronics, this kind of small wind power grid system is technically feasible. And the whole grid-connected system should include vertical wind generator, tower rod, grid-connected converter and other components, among which the vertical wind generator is the core.

Because the vertical wind turbines in wind power grid system to smoke, dust, cold, wind, etc. The test of the bad weather, so its running stability, reliability, security will directly affect the reliability of the entire wind power grid system stability.

To ensure that the vertical wind generator can always maintain reliable operation in the high wind, but also have good durability, first to select excellent quality vertical wind turbines, such not only can reduce the incidence of the fault, at the same time also can achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Secondly, for the vertical wind turbines equipped with suitable pole, at present the design of the product diversification to provide clients with more choices, have an independent pole, truss pole, pole lasso, hydraulic pole pole, leverage, etc., as long as can meet customer demand.

In addition, also cannot ignore the vertical wind turbine grid inverter, the choice of this aspect is the transition from traditional uncontrolled rectifier + inverter to the controlled rectifier + inverter, not only can provide the high quality electricity to the grid, at the same time once the power grid, the converter will automatically disconnect with power grid and by controlling the closure of the fan.

So, both in terms of the technological level of wind power grid system in our country, the existing grid application cases from home and abroad, vertical wind turbine grid system is completely feasible in technology.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/