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To extend the service life of small household wind turbine

Mar 24, 2018

Although small home the reliability of the wind turbine is very high, no need regular maintenance, but to include components such as fan, tower, the output circuit of the whole system, or should be timely inspection and maintenance, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system.

First to check the cable for the small household wind turbine tower ever loose and be in tension, especially in the first three months and tower vertical pack after the wind, but also should be carrying out the inspection; At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the connection points of transmission lines are firm and corroded.

Secondly, according to the maintenance requirement of the battery in small household wind generator, the battery should be checked regularly and maintained. In order to prevent unpredictable accidents, it is recommended to put down the tower of a small household wind generator before the extreme weather comes.

Due to the changes in wind speed and wind direction, it has a great impact on the generation of small household wind turbines. Generally, the higher the tower is, the higher the wind speed is, the more stable the air flow is, and the greater the generating capacity is. So the location should be considered for the small household wind turbines, each installation is different, but also to consider high tower drum, the distance of the battery pack, the local planning requirements and the obstacle factors such as buildings and trees.

When choosing the installation location, safety is the primary concern, so even if a small household wind generator is installed in a place where the wind speed resource is less ideal, the wind turbine blades cannot be rotated during installation; The wind speed of the vertical direction within the height range should be smaller and choose the least natural disaster area.