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Three operating modes of batteries in 500 w wind turbines

Mar 15, 2019

Three operating modes of batteries in 500 w wind turbines

The 500 w wind turbine is also equipped with a battery. Its operation mode can be divided into three types. One is full charge and full discharge, that is, the fan is installed centrally, centralized charging, the battery is dispersed to the household, and the two batteries of each household are rotated. . Wind power is subject to wind, especially for small fans such as 500 w wind turbines. The fan can be installed on a site with better wind energy to make full use of wind energy, and the battery can be used to ensure full charge.


Another operation mode of the 500 w wind turbine battery is semi-floating charging, which is the working mode of parallel connection between the fan and the battery. When the battery is not used, the fan generates electricity to charge the battery; when there is no wind, the battery supplies power to the load; When there is wind, the fan generates electricity to float the battery and supply power. This method is mostly used for 1 to 3 households in a single machine. The configured battery capacity is small and the investment is reduced accordingly.


There is also a full float filling system. The battery is centrally installed in the charging room, and the battery pack and the 500 w wind power generator are connected in parallel to the load circuit, so that the battery is always in a small current charging. When the fan supplies power to the load, the voltage fluctuation caused by the wind speed fluctuation plays a stable role through the battery pack, ensuring normal power supply. This mode of operation has a longer battery life than the above two methods, and the required battery capacity is greatly reduced, and the power efficiency is improved, which simplifies battery maintenance.www.titanwindturbine.com