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Three different generators in the residential vertical wind turbine

Dec 25, 2017

The selection of generator in a residential vertical wind turbine is critical. Three kinds of generator are common, and one is cage type induction generator. In the process of its work, the capacitance can be used to compensate for the reactive power, which makes the operation of the whole residential vertical wind generator more stable. Therefore, the use of domestic caged asynchronous generators is very popular, especially in the wind power plant under 100kW, the cage type induction generator is the common choice.

There is also a double feed generator, which is similar in structure to the ordinary generator in a residential vertical wind turbine, but with different effects. In the process of use, the stator winding and the power grid are directly connected. The rotor windings are provided with amplitude, frequency and phase of the frequency converter.

Therefore, regardless of the residence vertical wind turbine in the power generation process, the change of wind speed produced how, in the motor speed changes, with frequency converter to control the current of the rotor is able to adjust and control the running speed of the rotor, let the running speed of the stator and rotor of magnetic induction intensity has been the matching condition, realize variable speed constant frequency operation.

Residential vertical wind generator of doubly-fed generator is with poor counter rotating frequency regulation to complete generator doubly-fed speed regulation, because control mode is accomplished through the generator rotor side, through the rotor circuit of the power is with the speed of the generator in operation process of limit value to determine the slip power, this will make the inverter in the running process of the economic costs declined dramatically.

And there's a permanent magnet synchronous generator, it is used to replace the original rotor permanent magnet excitation magnetic field, does not need to be done outside of the magnetic power supply, thus reducing the consumption of the excitation, and the permanent magnet synchronous generator also don't need to do a commutation equipment installation, so the vertical wind turbine housing this generator power generation efficiency is high, service life long advantages.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/