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There are three advantages and functions of vertical shaft wind turbine

Aug 28, 2018

In people promoting horizontal axis wind turbine system today, the vertical axis wind turbine has been breakthroughs, rewrite the vertical axis wind turbine can not widespread commercial history, to overcome the current wind turbine needs both wind power and fear of the strong wind damaged the embarrassing situation of fan equipment, fill the wind turbines in the world of the 10 kw to 1000 kw model aircraft market blank.

The improved vertical shaft wind turbine has three advantages: low overall center of gravity at the bottom of the tower tube, simple structure, easier development towards large scale and complex environment, and convenient installation and maintenance.

Secondly, the rotor blade of the vertical shaft wind generator set rotates into a cylindrical three-dimensional space, more accept wind energy, no wind losses will be changed, power generation will be greatly increased, accelerating the rapid recovery of investment costs. Moreover, its blades are made of aluminum alloy with high quality materials, unique patented design and overall casting molding, which reduces maintenance costs, has a longer service life and has no impact on the environment.

The vertical axis wind turbine can solve the problem of the safety of the turbine speed control, optimize the overall structure, can start with the wind blowing in 3 meters per second, more than 25 meters per second wind condition can control the rotation speed, and in 30 seconds within a very short time can finish the whole control program, maintain the normal work of the fan power.