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The wind industry five big truth With what wind turbines \'can\'

Dec 04, 2017

Walk in overseas, you will meet with patches of white windmills, from time to time in the farm, in the sea, they are not only beautiful scenery, but also energy and export the lifeblood of the economy. Wind power in modern times, \"windmill kingdom\" and \"nation\" has a lot of, how to build the leading global wind turbines is comprehensive, advanced concept. Let the wind \"blowing\" all over the world.

1. The advantages of wind energy has many: abundant use of, clean and no pollution, is a renewable energy standard

2. The challenge of wind also: not controllable, seasonal, high cost, noise, strong regional, electricity rate, etc.

3. Wind power has a long history, very skillful, complete industrial chain and marketing operation.

Wind power accounts for about 33% overall overseas power supply today, this is the highest level of the world's wind power grid. By 2020, the wind power will account for 50% of the total electricity supply. Let's just hope the wind turbines brings convenient and change people's lives.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/