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The vertical axis wind turbines family use of the advantages of the benefits and equipment

Dec 22, 2017

Also are vertical axis wind turbines, but when used in different situation, also have different characteristics of. Such as vertical axis wind turbines family use belongs to the small wind turbines, normally only satisfy garden lighting.

Compared to some large vertical axis wind turbines, vertical axis wind turbines family is from the network to use, mainly including wind turbines, generators, control and adjust to the institution, institutions, parking tower and cable, controller, storage battery, inverter and other components, compact structure is relatively simple, you.

In terms of using effect, vertical axis wind turbines family use with high efficiency, free maintenance, the breeze start, long life, rust corrosion resistance, moistureproof waterproof and a series of characteristics, so for the requirement of the installation position is not strict, as long as you can get the wind.

Under normal circumstances, the installation of the vertical axis wind turbines family use requirement is minimum is 8 meters high tower, or distance barrier the center of the scope of 5 meters installed 100 m range without obstacles as far as possible; In addition, the adjacent two fan installation should be kept in the 8-10 times the distance of the rotor diameter.

It is because the equipment performance, simple structure, easy installation and so on, makes the vertical axis wind turbines family to use more and more popular, courtyard lighting and electricity could be obtained through its energy, help to save energy consumption.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/