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The value of wind energy and the efficiency of 500 w small wind turbines

Dec 08, 2018

Wind energy is an available energy that is provided to humans by the work of air flow. The kinetic energy of air flow is called wind energy. The higher the air flow rate, the greater the kinetic energy. Modern use of turbine blades converts the mechanical energy of the airflow into electrical energy to become a generator.


As a non-polluting and renewable new energy source, wind energy has great potential for development, especially for coastal islands, remote mountainous areas with inconvenient transportation, sparsely populated grassland pastures, and rural areas far from the grid and the grid that is difficult to reach in the near future. Borderland, as a reliable way to solve the energy of production and living, is of great significance.


The design theory of 500 w small wind turbine shows that the wind turbine has the highest conversion efficiency to wind energy under a certain ratio of wind turbine speed to wind speed. For the constant-speed constant-speed wind turbine with constant speed, the optimal ratio of wind turbine speed to wind speed cannot be maintained when the wind speed changes, so the wind energy conversion efficiency cannot always be kept at the optimum value. However, the constant-speed wind turbine can output AC at a constant frequency to facilitate connection with the grid.


The variable-speed 500-watt wind turbine developed later can maintain the optimal ratio of speed to wind speed at different wind speeds, so the wind energy conversion efficiency is high, and generally about 10% of the power generation can be increased compared with the constant-speed wind turbine. Therefore, the 500 w small wind turbine efficiency should be the result of multiplying wind energy utilization efficiency, generator efficiency and mechanical efficiency.www.titanwindturbine.com