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The use of wind generator

Aug 30, 2017

Wind turbines turn 360 degrees around wind direction. In order to store and transfer the converted energy of the generator smoothly and efficiently, a 360 degree rotary conductive device is required. This device is a slip ring, also called collecting ring.

Wind power flow chart.png

Speaking of the use of wind turbine generator, it supplies electrical devices with electricity. Wind energy is friendly environmental, and resourceful. There will be many large scale wind farm in the future.   

The windscreen slip ring provides power through air flow, Please pay attention to leak tightness when install the wind slip ring. The key is waterproof. Because longtime exposure outside, it is easy short circuit.

It controls the signal and data transmission.It is a key part in a wind turbine.

The conductive slip ring is a precision transmission device that transmits electrical signals and electrical energy transfer between the fixed carriage rotating member and the rolling or sliding member by sliding contact, electrostatic coupling or electromagnetic coupling of the conductive ring.