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The use of 2000 w small wind turbines helps fishing boats to save energy and reduce emissions

Apr 25, 2019

The management of fishing vessels is extensive, the equipment is backward, the fishermen lack energy-saving awareness, the oil utilization rate is low, energy waste and leakage are widespread, and the marine environment is polluted. Therefore, it is particularly important to actively carry out and promote the energy conservation and emission reduction of fishing vessels. The 2000 w small wind turbine played an important role in this field, charging the fishing boat with battery and DC light from the fishing boat.


The application of 2000 w small wind turbines on fishing vessels has enabled the fishing vessels to add dual power supply systems, providing safe and effective communication and auxiliary lighting for fishing vessels, improving information security and effective communication, and reducing fishermen’s diesel expenditure and increasing fishermen’s economy. income.


Originally, the fishing boat was equipped with two sets of diesel engines for power supply of large and small vehicles. When the diesel engine was in normal operation, the vibration was large and the noise exceeded 70 decibels. After installing the 2000 w small wind turbine power supply system, the diesel generator can be turned off at night, and the sound inside the ship is within 50 decibels, which reduces the noise intensity, thus improving the sleep quality of the fishermen.www.titanwindturbine.com