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The technical characteristics of the vertical wind generator for the layered cage.

Mar 28, 2018

The vertical wind turbines thoroughly changed the traditional domestic change, USES a layered cage track magnetic suspension structure, offset the full weight of the fan to add on the bearing, can make the resistance of wind turbine rotates significantly decreased; Moreover, it USES high-strength lightweight alloy structural materials to effectively reduce the weight of the blades and enable reliable start-up of the wind speed of 3 m/s.

Equivalent wind speed conditions, the vertical wind turbines than ordinary families of 15-20% higher than that of vertical axis wind turbine speed, so it for wind energy utilization will be higher than that of conventional type vertical axis wind turbine by about 5-7%, contribute to the increase of power generation.

Besides the center pole, the other supplemental in cage surrounding the pillar of points pole carrying share most of the rotational kinetic energy load, rotating the blades at any situation when there are six more force bearing rotating point, ensures that appears at the top of the safe wind velocity range not shake sway and the resonance phenomenon, and greatly improve the power of large diameter the reliability of the vertical axis wind turbine blades.

In addition, this kind of family vertical wind turbine USES the static/dynamic bidirectional compression convertor, which makes the wind energy operate in a forward thrust rotation direction. To the device with compressed air, so wind turbine at low wind speed on the actual blade runtime is under compression shaped after the wind, it can take effect on the blades of wind speed and thrust 20-30%.

In addition, the permanent magnet generator USES the finite element analysis method to optimize the design of the electric field, which makes the whole generator have a reasonable structure, small start-up torque and high efficiency. And form a complete set with the integration of the inverter input voltage has the characteristics of large dynamic range, and can make guarantee have 1.1 times the long-term overload capacity under the rated speed, and in low wind speed area has high torque characteristics.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/