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The solar cell production workshop layout considerations

Nov 16, 2017

With the development of economy, people also more and more attention to the exploration of energy. All kinds of efficient and clean new energy more and more get the favour of people, the photovoltaic industry has also ushered in a new round of development opportunities. Then you know in the arrangement of the solar cell production workshop, should pay attention to what issues?

This is because the different products and general products, thus more strict to the requirement of production workshop. Especially the solar cell processing workshop, not in order to guarantee the quality of the product, must meet several requirements: constant temperature, and humidity, cleanliness, and monomer area is large. In addition, the overall architecture of the solar cell production workshop are basically adopts the combination of reinforced concrete frame structure and steel structure.

As for office area and other ancillary buildings area can use reinforced concrete frame structure. Of course, there are many manufacturers to solar cell production workshop overall adopts steel structure, and then according to the specific use of space. Due to a special production process, for air supply and exhaust air, give and drainage pipelines, thus keeping the height of the workshop is usually 7 to 8 meters, the condole top of roughly 3.5 to 4.5 meters.

Typically, around the solar cell production workshop, also need to set up the corresponding auxiliary, such as the dressing rooms, vacuum pump room, computer room, transformer room air conditioning wind ark and ice water, wastewater collection pool, the materials and facilities, such as shipping department. At the same to decorate the outside of the workshop, the corresponding power, water supply, drainage, hvac, and outdoor facilities, such as wastewater treatment systems.

Only meet such requirements, can ensure the smooth progress of the solar cell production workshop production, meet the requirements of environmental protection on emissions. In setting up the internal space area, usually used more rock wool caigang composite panels, etc.