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The safety guarantee system and the folding tower rod of the variable oar range wind generator

Sep 27, 2017

Since there are more areas to be improved in general wind turbines, different types of wind turbines will be introduced in the later stages, and the variable OARS are one of them. After an appropriate change, the device is not only more secure, but also easier to install.

Because of the fixed Angle of the common wind turbine blade, the wind turbine speed can increase rapidly when the wind is strong, which can lead to dangerous accidents such as blade flying and the instantaneous current of the system. In order to avoid similar accidents, it is completely different for ordinary wind turbines to be replaced by wind turbines.

The variable oar control technology and automatic control system are adopted in the variable oar range wind generator, thus realizing the dual protection of the system. When the ambient wind speed is higher than the rated wind speed, the system will automatically adjust the paddle distance, ensuring that the rotor speed of the wind wheel can be kept near the rated speed, and will not increase rapidly.

Wind power flow chart.png

And automatic security control system can effectively guarantee the variable pitch wind turbine downtime or running state of automatic control, even meet ultra strong wind conditions, the unit will also be able to guarantee the safe operation, avoid the happening of the accident, enables the variable pitch wind turbine to normal power.

In addition to bring safety and stability of variable pitch wind turbine, the improved design simplifies the installation of the equipment, also of the ordinary heavy equipment such as the installation of the wind turbines must use crane, but variable pitch wind turbine because using the folding pole, so no longer need to crane when installation and other heavy equipment.

Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the advantages of the folding tower rod in the variable OARS, which saves the installation cost for the user because it does not require the crane and other mechanical equipment. And the entire wind turbine handling and installation is not subject to the terrain restrictions, installation, maintenance is very convenient.