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The reason why the wind turbine generator rotates slowly but can generate electricity normally.

Aug 14, 2018

Electricity is an important source of energy for maintaining the normal operation of the country. Our common means of generating electricity include wind power, thermal power generation, and nuclear power generation. Among them, wind power can be said to be one of the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly, because wind resources are a clean energy source.


The wind turbine we usually see is like a big windmill in appearance. Although it seems to turn very slowly, the actual speed that its blades can reach is about 19~30 rev/min. Relying on the low speed shaft, the axis position of the rotor and its fan blade is connected with its gear box, and then the gear box is used to raise the speed of the high speed shaft to about 50 times of the low speed shaft.


In this way, the speed of the wind turbine's high-speed shaft itself has reached 1500 rev / min. Then let the high-speed shaft drive the engine. Therefore, even if the wind turbine's blades turn very slowly, it will not affect it at all, and it can also generate electricity.


For wind turbines, the size of the blades is not exactly the same for different models. If the blades are always running at high speed, not only the blades, but also the base and bearings can not withstand such a large pressure, which is very easy to damage the wind turbine. Coupled with the high-speed operation of the fan blade is difficult to control, especially in some bad weather, the blade, once the blade loses control, it is likely to cause the destruction of the entire generator system. Therefore, the wind turbine machine must not have too fast speed.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/