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The power generation principle of solar panels and wind turbines and the advantages of combined

Dec 19, 2017

Solar panels and wind turbines are two different kinds of wind power generation system, but they all have in common, at the same time also can cooperate together to achieve wind-light complementary, so as to better improve the utilization of wind and solar power, effectively increase the capacity.

Solar panels and wind turbines in the solar panel itself can also be found, is the main basis for semiconductor photoelectric effect, is when there is light of solar panels, carrier number will soar, conductive ability also can increase accordingly. Normally, the larger the current is generated by the light in the interface layer, the larger the current is; Moreover, the more light energy absorbed by the interface layer, the more current formed in the solar panels.

In solar panels and wind turbines, wind power is the machine that converts wind energy into electricity. The wind wheel is the core component of the whole unit, which consists of the blades and the hub. The blade has a good dynamic shape, which can generate aerodynamic force under the action of airflow, which turns wind energy into mechanical energy. Repass gear

The box speed drives the generator to convert mechanical energy into electricity. It is then stored as chemical energy or grid or directly supplied to load according to specific requirements.

If you combine solar panels and wind turbines effectively, you can realize the complementary power generation of the scenery, and the complementary streetlights are the products derived from this. Compared with the single solar panel found or wind turbine is not only a renewable, clean and pollution-free characteristics, also can ensure the stability of the energy, make the system has been in a stable state of power generation.

Solar panels and wind turbine operation mode basically has two kinds, one is the independent operation of the power supply system, is not prudent in power grid, with a small wind turbine for battery charging, then converted into alternating current by inverter to the terminal electrical power supply; There is also a kind of conventional power grid that runs parallel to the grid.