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The particularity of jet and twin-engine twin - ring rail rotors

Sep 05, 2018

In addition to conventional wind turbines, a series of wind turbines with different shapes and unique functions have been launched in the market. One is a jet wind generator, which installs a jet at the end of each rotating blade of the machine. The jet can be any kind of device that can output recoil speed and is perpendicular to the rotating blade terminal, the same linear speed as the rotating blade terminal or in the range of + / - 20 degrees.

In this way, the wind generator can accelerate or slow down each rotating blade using the reaction force, and the reaction force of the jet can compensate the speed of the wind generator in the forward or reverse direction. It can be seen that the air injection device is the device of axial fan and other airflow or outbreak airflow.

With this feature, can raise the efficiency of wind turbines, according to the speed of the generator set, by rotating speed sensor, automatic adjustment of jet jet quantity and speed, the speed of the set of the generator speed constant is, to ensure the stability of generator speed, the electricity for three-phase ac high voltage, power supply on the Internet.

There is also a wind generator with dual motor coupling and double ring track rotating frame. It is composed of two large wind generators, concentric shaft, wind wheel, rotating tower and other parts, which makes the wind generator change direction on the inner and outer double ring rail track. The wind resistance surface is small. The tower frame can be used for self-hoisting large generator, which is a super large wind generator set.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/