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The installation details of vertical shaft wind power generator

Sep 14, 2017

Vertical axis wind turbine is a very common wind power equipment, and if it is not installed in the correct way, it may seriously affect the use of vertical axis wind turbine, or even increase the cost of maintenance, Shorten the service life.

When installing a vertical axis wind turbine, first make sure that the tower level of the generator is measured as far as practicable by the level, so that the tower is mounted vertically to the ground. We must emphasize that when the vertical axis wind turbine configuration zipper tower, make sure to wrap the tower a circle before grounding.

In any case, vertical wind turbines are large, heavy equipment, so please do not install if the wind is too large. During installation, the output lines of vertical axis wind turbines should be connected in parallel to prevent the equipment from operating during installation.

When the installation of the entire vertical axis wind turbine is completed, it is necessary to begin the controller's connection, but be sure to first connect the controller to the battery and then connect the wind turbine, so that the controller will not be damaged by the high current.

About the inverter connection of vertical axis wind turbine generator, the correct way is to draw cable from the battery terminal, instead of  directly connecting to the battery and the controller line, which may burn out the inverter, and cause vertical shaft wind turbines out of work at a later stage.

The first generation operation of the vertical axis wind power generators can only be done when the controller shows the battery power is full, to avoid damage caused by low battery.