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The importance of wind power industry and its development trend in wind power industry

Oct 11, 2017

[overview] on small wind turbines, we can see that it is one of the wind turbines and is different from large wind turbines. So, in order to differentiate between the two wind turbines, the following will be the study and understanding of small wind turbines to achieve the above objectives.

1. Small wind turbine, is it important in the wind power industry?

Small wind turbines that a wind turbine, for now, its application is more and more, therefore, it is the important supplement of the wind power industry, and in making full use of wind energy, and improve the utilization rate of wind, play the huge role. So, the conclusion is that it's a very important device, and in this case, there's no doubt that the answer is very important.

What are the characteristics of small wind turbines? In addition, is there any development or breakthrough in the application?

The characteristics of small wind turbines, summarization, is for the construction of low cost, high efficiency, flexible distribution, as well as the occupation of land area is small, and these are the main features. As for its application, from its development, it has gradually shifted from traditional agriculture to industry, and has greatly improved its efficiency in converting wind energy into electricity. So, on question two, the answer is yes.

3. Why do small wind turbines have broad market and application prospects?

This is because small wind turbines can have a lower wind speed range, which can be used to improve the efficiency of wind turbines while reducing their rated wind speed. In addition, this type of wind turbine can be used to adapt and match the low-speed wind speed area, thus improving the utilization rate of the product and extending the working time. So, based on these, you will get this conclusion, so that you have a clear understanding of it.