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The importance of vertical wind turbines for wind power

Dec 01, 2018

Vertical wind turbine is a high-power wind power device that can be matched with generators and other machinery. It has low operation and maintenance cost, high wind energy utilization, and can be used in different wind fields and wind speeds, especially in low-speed wind fields. When the wind speed changes greatly, the advantages of large starting torque and stable output speed are obtained.


The vertical wind turbine is connected with the generator to form a wind turbine in the form of a direct drive, a semi-direct drive, a gear box, etc. Each wind engine can be equipped with one, two or more generators. Since the vertical wind turbine can be automatically adjusted to maintain a relatively stable output power and reduce the impact on the grid, it can also be flexibly adjusted according to the grid dispatching instructions to meet the requirements of the grid for the wind farm, and solve the problem that the wind turbine cannot be operated. The problem of comprehensive dispatching has truly realized the dispatching of wind turbines by the power grid, and changed the nature and status of wind turbines in the power grid, which in turn can realize the desire for large-scale grid connection of wind power.


According to the structure and characteristics of the vertical wind turbine, its effective working wind speed range is large, the rated working wind speed is low, and the equivalent power generation hours are increased, so that some low wind speed wind farms now have available value, which in turn expands The area where wind energy is used increases the total amount of wind resource utilization.


Because vertical wind turbines eliminate the bulky propellers, the transportation of wind power equipment is simpler, easier, and the transportation and installation costs are lower. At the same time, the installation and use area of wind turbines is expanded, which further expands the utilization of wind resources region.www.titanwindturbine.com