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The importance of vertical wind turbine maintenance

Jan 02, 2019

Vertical wind turbines must be placed in the field, and the operating conditions are very harsh. In order to improve the reliability of wind turbines and extend the service life of the units, daily maintenance is very important. The length of the life of a vertical wind turbine depends on the quality of the maintenance. In fact, the maintenance of the equipment is not complicated.


However, the operation and maintenance personnel of vertical wind turbines must have the basic knowledge of wind power technology and can work at high altitudes in cold weather and hot weather. At the same time, equipment maintenance personnel must have the ability to analyze and judge significant faults in person and the processing capacity on site, and can quickly carry out minor repairs on site. Therefore, equipment maintenance personnel should be familiar with the construction of wind turbines and participate in the training of operation and maintenance training courses during the installation process.


First of all, according to the drawings and instructions provided by the manufacturer, a detailed "Code for Wind Power Operation and Maintenance" should be prepared for the relevant personnel to learn and implement carefully. Seriously study the basic principles of wind power generation, understand the performance of wind turbines, and master the method of starting and stopping. Ideological education is regularly carried out to cultivate the sense of responsibility and professionalism of the staff. Accurately record the accidents of the generator set, analyze the causes, and continuously accumulate experience.www.titanwindturbine.com