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The function and working principle of slip-ring of vertical wind generator

Feb 16, 2019

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and resource reuse, wind power generation is the best choice for energy saving and environmental protection. So we will focus on the vertical wind turbine slip-ring working principle and slip-ring on the role of vertical wind turbine.


A vertical wind turbine that rotates 360 degrees in the direction of the wind needs a device that rotates 360 degrees in order to efficiently store and transmit the energy it converts. The device is a slip-ring that conducts electricity by rotating 360 degrees.


Wind power slip-ring in vertical wind generator system is responsible for the power of the whole system, control signal and data transmission function, is a very key component of the entire fan system, its precision, reliability and working life directly affect the performance of wind power generation system.


For special application requirements of wind power generation system and the real condition of the use of Chinese, vertical wind generator slip ring key advocate material adopt imported materials, internal with advanced production equipment and testing system for wind power slip ring a variety of performance, so that wind power slip ring has good resistance to low temperature, high humidity, wind resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, shock, stable performance, no maintenance features, such as service life of 20 years or tens of millions.www.titanwindturbine.com