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The excellent performance and wide use of Westinghouse solar lamps

Jan 05, 2018

Westinghouse solar energy lamp is a kind of the electric light, solar panels can be converted into electrical energy during the day, it can be collected through solar panels, storage, solar energy, and then the collected solar energy as the lamp power, have the effect of lighting.

The solar panels are mainly composed of solar cell components, control boxes and lampposts. The efficiency of solar panels is high, and the wind resistance design of the system is also very favorable. And the control box body with stainless steel as the main material, beautiful and durable; The internal placement of the battery and the dedicated charging controller for the solar street lamp will help to reduce the maintenance cost.

The Westinghouse solar lamp can be widely used in grassland, the ornament adornment of the square, park, etc, need only USES the chimney connected tap, and there he put the panels inside the battery box in chimney, battery box installed on the tap, light-emitting diodes installed on the panels, solar panels are connected by wires rechargeable battery and control circuit.

In practice, Westinghouse solar lights in addition to the large capacity battery and solar panels, including advanced special monitor, and stop lighting, solar power start charging the battery, and then to a full charge, get more power.

Compared with the traditional lighting, Westinghouse solar lamps and lanterns has high brightness, easy installation, reliable operation, cable laying, conventional energy consumption, long life and other advantages, is mainly used in residential area, industrial park green belts, green belts tourism scenic area green space, park, garden, square and other places of lighting decoration.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/