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The economic advantage of the home solar lamp and its battery working principle.

Jan 25, 2018

After continuous research, the advantages and prospects of solar energy application have been recognized and accepted by more and more people, and the household solar energy lamp is becoming more and more popular. As one of the series products of solar energy application, the family solar energy lamp has made breakthroughs in modeling, brightness, price and other aspects, laying a solid foundation for the commercialization application.

Family basically includes solar lamp, solar garden lights, solar lawn lamp and so on many kinds of commonly used type, it compared with the general lamps and lanterns of relatively obvious advantage lies in its brings the economic benefits, but families own price of lamps and lanterns, solar lamp, or the installation cost, form a complete set of cost, use, consumption and safety performance will be better.

That's because solar cells use solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity through the p-n structure, using the photovoltaic effect of semiconductors such as silicon. Due to the solar battery itself is easy to broken, easy to corrode, in order not to let it photoelectric conversion efficiency due to moisture, dust and acid rain and make the performance degradation, so the family solar lamp battery generally must by glue, laminating package into plate type structure and then put into use.

When the family solar lamp works, when the light is exposed, the charge distribution state of the battery changes and produces an effect of electromotive force and current. Although this effect can be found in gases, liquids and solids, it is particularly efficient to convert light energy into electrical energy in solids, especially in semiconductors.

Battery as an important part of the family solar lamp, the user in the actual use of time, to understand their specific tectonic situation, and choose the suitable battery as well as the structure form, and have some knowledge of its working principle, to help pick, pay attention to daily use more smooth.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/