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The difference between the best small wind turbines and large power generation equipment.

Jan 12, 2018

Large compared to the best of small wind turbines, wind power equipment is provided to the national grid electricity, the power frequency constant, and the small wind turbines because of simple structure, no strict to control the power frequency, because of a call is commonly use to save battery.

For now, the best small wind turbines are basic off-grid users, such as remote areas, or used for environmental reasons, such as wind power and photovoltaic power street lamps. Although the focus of the country will be on large wind turbines, small wind turbines cannot be ignored.

The difference between the large wind power equipment and the optimal small wind generator is still very large, mainly for the design of the blade, the former is mostly horizontal axial fan, and the yaw system can realize the yaw; And the optimal small wind generator is suitable for the vertical axis fan, does not need to yaw, belongs to two kinds of fan respectively.

The optimal small wind turbine should be used in the area with abundant wind resources, namely, the average annual wind speed is above 3m/s, and the effective wind speed of 3-20m/s is over 3000h in the whole year. Or the area where the average effective wind energy density lOOW/m2 is in the range of 3-20m/s for the whole year.

When choosing the best small wind generator, the local wind resources should be fully taken into account to maximize the efficiency of wind turbines and achieve high economic benefits. At present, the best small wind turbine USES battery storage energy, the household electrical appliances are provided by the battery. Therefore, the general principle is that when the battery is discharged, it can be replenished in time by the wind generator.

That is to say, although the best small wind turbines under rated wind speed of blow electricity situation, but in fact due to the variability of the wind, intermittent, the wind has both the size of a different (and blow on the different length of time, so when using electric appliances to do good wind conditions can more appropriately when electricity, less electricity when wind conditions is poor.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/