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The composition of vertical wind turbine and its excellent characteristics.

Apr 09, 2018

Vertical wind turbine is a kind of use of wind, turbine effect, chimney effect, integrating the wind pressure difference, rotating airflow of instantaneous power to drive transmission system of unit work, the entire unit, combination of the control system includes steel, many sets of generating units, double rooms, vertical shaft, coupling, rectifier board, composite wind cavity, vertical wind turbines, horizontal blade, supporting composition frame, bearing parts, such as reasonable assembly and will send them.

Vertical wind turbine in wind, the size of the motor speed to synchronous control the shutter and the wind wind shutter Angle and control the linkage of motor, so as to realize the whole wind conditions, maximization of power generation unit. At the same time, the vertical wind turbine itself has many characteristics.

Vertical wind turbine is easy to transport and install with multi-layer, unified structure and blade, modular assembly, and its standard components are small. Because it applied the wind, rectifier, maglev wind power system, and USES the intelligent programmable multiple water generator, according to the revolutions of the fan and the size of the wind motor weaver quantity increase or decrease, and there are multiple storage ways; At the same time, it can adjust the power generation according to the wind condition and increase the utilization rate of wind energy.

Vertical wind turbine from traditional models of single column is changed to 3 column / 6 column and structure, manufacturing difficulty greatly reduced, and because of equipment can be assembled at the scene, also greatly reduce transport costs, shorten the construction period, save the cost of the entire facility.

The machine room of the vertical wind generator unit is arranged at the bottom of the unit, so it can reduce downtime and maintenance cost. Combined with the permanent magnet direct drive generator set, the gearbox is eliminated, and the speed of RPM is 11 revolutions per minute, which can generate electricity, which is of high efficiency and wide range.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/