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The composition and superiority of the two vertical axis wind turbines

Sep 26, 2017

People's minds with the times progress and development, with the increase of demand at the beginning because found horizontal axis wind turbine wind energy utilization rate is low, and its cost is also high, coupled with the disadvantages of the equipment installation and maintenance difficulties, predict its hard to Mr Putin in a large scale, therefore developed a kind of vertical axis wind turbines.

The vertical axis wind turbines can maximize the use of wind energy, improve efficiency, and simplify the structure under the premise, reduce the cost of the target, so the vertical axis wind turbines favored by the user, on many occasions to use it for power generation.

But after long time use, we found some shortages existing vertical axis wind turbines, for instance due to the inconvenience of its blade is fixed, so it's in motion resistance is larger. Although the blade type of vertical shaft wind generator has been improved for this kind of problem, the effect is not very satisfactory.


And so on the basis of the original developed a double vertical axis wind turbines, the device of the blade can automatically change te Angle of the blade under wind action, when the wind and a half weeks, blade perpendicular to the wind field, so as to maximize the use of wind power; And when the wind is half a week, the blade is parallel to the wind field, the motion resistance is very small, greatly improved the efficiency.

Obviously can be found that the double vertical axis wind turbine is not only has the characteristics of conventional equipment has simple structure, low cost, and high wind energy utilization rate, can run for high power, the advantage of high efficiency, it is more convenient to maintain.

This double vertical axis wind turbine is mainly including the generator, the wind wheel and blade three major part of the blade through the bracket connected with the wind wheel, and stent is composed of beam, lower beam, vertical shaft and limit of shaft, they match each other thus constituted the advanced equipment.