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The choose and buy of solar garden lamp installation matters and related components

Jan 26, 2018

Solar garden lamp commonly used in residential areas, villas and large company courtyard and garden lighting, because its design is more, so in choosing main according to the architectural style and lighting environment aspects of comprehensive consideration.

Choose solar garden lamp, not only to consider the the choice of light source, solar panels, battery, such as structure, but also pay attention to its height, solar garden lamp lights usually in 3-3.5 meters high, too high lights easily affect residents rest on the second floor, is too short range is small, light influence the lighting effect.

And its light pole typically use the wall thickness ranging from 1.5 mm to 3 mm of good-quality and Q235 steel plate welding and hot dip galvanized coating, light source configuration can be energy-saving lamps, led lamp or metal halide lamp and so on, the concrete can be configured according to user requirements, but now the mainstream configuration is given priority to with led bulb light.

Chosen after start solar garden lamp installation, the first step is pouring the foundation, determine the position of the solar garden lamp floor lamp, better attention to sun, underground cable cable and other facilities. And set the position of lamps and lanterns, in accordance with the design requirements for digging holes up with location and conform to the standard of pit and pouring; After pouring, clear in time positioning plate residual sludge, and waste oil cleaning bolt impurities.

In the solidification process of concrete, water them regularly maintenance, can only be carried out for concrete condensation completely installed solar garden lamp lamps and lanterns, including the threading assembly, light pole lifting, put the battery into the battery box three steps, especially pay attention to the polarity must not reverse, cannot appear more positive negative sub phenomenon.

Then will, in turn, to complete the installation of the solar garden lamp battery, battery components such as installation, the installation time for solar battery components connected to the bracket is strong and reliable; Thread must pay attention to the wires do not clip in the joint of light pole; The joint of wire should be connected firmly, and wrapped with PVC tape.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/