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The best device for the best small wind turbine

As we all know, wind turbines generate electricity from the wind's energy, and the wind turbine's capture of wind energy is proportional to the vertical windward area of the wind turbine. In other words, for a certain wind wheel, when it is perpendicular to the wind direction, it captures more wind energy; when it is not facing the wind, the captured wind energy is relatively small; when the wind wheel is parallel to the wind direction, no wind energy is captured. .


It is precisely for this reason that the best small wind turbine is bound to set the steering mechanism so that the wind turbine can maintain its windward state to the maximum in order to obtain as much wind energy as possible so as to output a large amount of electric energy, and the steering mechanism is optimal for the best. For small wind turbines, tail tuning is used.


The tail of the best small wind turbine is composed of an empennage beam, a tail wing plate, etc. It is generally installed behind the main wind wheel and is perpendicular to the rotating surface of the main wind wheel. When the equipment is working, the tail fins always follow the wind direction, which is parallel to the wind direction. This is determined by the length of the empennage beam and the downwind area of the fin plate. When the wind deflects, the moment caused by the wind pressure acting on the fin plate is sufficient to rotate the nose so that the wind wheel is in the upwind position.


In addition to the steering mechanism, the best small wind turbines also have a brake mechanism. Its purpose is to temporarily stop the wind wheel. In case of extreme wind, the wind turbine can be stopped in an emergency. The wind turbine can be braked by the handbrake mechanism, or the wind turbine can be deflected parallel to the tailplane.


In order to allow the best small wind turbine rotor to operate in the higher wind speed zone on the ground, the tower needs to support the wind wheel. At this time, the tower bears two loads of its own gravity and resistance. Therefore, the material used for the tower is a wood or iron pipe, and a truss structure made of steel can also be used.


Most of the best small wind turbines in the class of 100 watts are mostly hollow and column cable towers, while the hollow columns in the kilowatts are trussed towers. No matter which type of tower is selected, the purpose is to make the wind turbine obtain a large wind speed, and at the same time, it must also consider the cost. Therefore, it must be determined according to the actual situation. http://www.titanwindturbine.com