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The benefits of using reinforced nylon fiber blades in vertical axis wind turbines

Aug 11, 2017

For vertical axis wind turbines, the design should be taken into addition to the overall special structure that requires our attention. Compared with ordinary blade material, our suggestions for vertical axis wind turbine is reinforced nylon  fiber blades, because it shows the advantages of a more comprehensive, and enhance the power generation efficiency of vertical shaft wind power generator. And it is cheaper. 

Because the nylon fiber density is much smaller than the glass fiber, so if the blade vertical axis wind turbine with this material, not only can reduce the weight of the blade, but also can improve the stiffness of blade, so it can reduce the vertical axis wind turbine blade production cost .

Vertical axis wind turbines often work in difficult conditions, and are usually in continuous working conditions, which can easily cause damage to the equipment. But if the change of reinforced carbon fiber made of it, the vertical axis wind turbine to adapt to harsh conditions.

To reduce the weight of nylon fiber blades and increase stiffness, contribute to improve the vertical axis wind turbine blade aerodynamic performance and promote to reduce tower and axle load, so that the output power of the device is more smooth and more balanced, so that the efficiency of vertical axis wind turbine was improved obviously.